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Welcome to Earthhood!

This is an website created for environmental protection, where we keep a track on our deeds and actions about saving the earth(actually is saving ourselves).

Here are some brief introductions of each sections(in the menu bar) you will find in Earthhood.

  • HOME: It’s the main page where we post our updates to keep an eye on the latest progress.


  • ABOUT US: To discover our awesome team!


  • SERVICE: Where we post Earthhood’s google calendar for the upcoming service/ volunteer you could participate in.


  • TESTIMONIES: Earthhood members write their experience in each service or other activities.


  • COLLECTION: In order to provide abundant resources, we will put the link of reliable organizations that are about science or community services. This is also the page where we share articles, movies, videos and other inspirations about environmental conservation.


  • DISCUSSION: Earthhood members will post questions about environmental protection regularly, you are more than welcome to add your opinions there no matter if it supports Earth protection or disagrees with it. We would love to see some sparks of thoughts in this page!


  • RESEARCH: Being a responsible and rational citizen of the earth requires scientific supports to our actions. Thus we paraphrase articles that we think worth paying attention to in this section and post links to the original articles.


-tips: there are widgets below pages, where we put plug-in like translator and Event-Count-Down  ;D

EARTHHOOD’s goal is to build a network across the world to rise awareness from the public and inspire more actions for environmental protection. Your help will be pivotal for our potential achievement!

All Things Are Connected. Whatever Befalls the Earth Befalls The Sons of Earth. — Chief Seattle

Photograph by Zhilin Chen
West Lake, China. ©Photograph by Zhilin Chen.



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