A Meaningful Experience at Labdoo

Guys, we finally joined another organization, Labdoo, as a team😂! I contacted the manager for a long time but never got a chance to actually do it, and FINALLY, on Feb. 3rd, WQ Li and I went to PeopleSpace to volunteer.

Unfortunately, we worked our butts out and still failed to reset 2 used computers, so we forgot to take pictures of the place. But I was really glad that we took the time to participate in this meaningful program. What labdoo does basically is recycling used computers and sending them to places where people have less access to technology. This entire process does not require extra money nor emit extra CO2 as it’s all volunteering-based.

Thus, it not only decreases digital divide, it also dwindles CO2 emission by reusing computers, which are made with material that needs industrial processing(plastic, copper, aluminum, semi-conductors). One of my biggest concerns before joining Labdoo was lack of technical knowledge. After the volunteer, however, I guarantee any highschooler can find a job to do in Labdoo, because they literally will give you a manual on what to do(we failed because we spent too much time on sorting the computers); the manager and other helpers are experts at these, so you can always ask them for help.

Overall, I think Labdoo is a unique, legit program, where people can actually help and learn things. I would suggest more people to participate in it.

YS Ding 2/16/19

One thought on “A Meaningful Experience at Labdoo

  1. As we promised, we continued to volunteer in Labdoo since this. I strongly encourage students to help with Labdoo. Despite that Wenqian and I are not techy people, we still found important things to do every time.


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