“Earth Protection is Scientists’ Job”

I hear these comments a lot – earth conservation is unrelated to high school students; it’s an ambitious goal for “common” people to do. At a certain degree, yes, politicians and scientists usually make those striking progress in Earth preservation such as “Clean Power Plan” or “New alternative clean fuel,” but eventually the majority makes these policies and products successful instead of that 5% of the population; the ultimate determination still lays in “common” people’s hands. Considerable eco-friendly options, products, resources are created by many companies, but because the public does not pay attention or because they are lack of advocacy, numerous designs fade out of sight. This is one reason that I create this “Collection” section, since I want to share those ideas and projects, my collections, that are attainable by the public. Without further ado, here’s my list(I will keep this updated):
  • Ecosia search engine: search engine such as google makes money by trading users’ information with advertisement companies. Ecosia search engine dose the same thing but donate over 30% of the income to plant trees around the world. There is detailed information about their legitimacy, plans and achievement in their website: https://blog.ecosia.org/tag/projects/. Though to be fair, google as the main search engine Inc. absolutely has it’s advantages, whether the web arrangement or information and image collection are the optimized among most search engine. I usually set Ecosia as the default search engine in Firefox but I open several google tabs at the same time… problem solved😂
  • Time yourself when taking a shower: This may sound ridiculous but it personally works out well. I have poor time management, spending 20 mins for a shower was pretty common to me. By setting 3 or 5 mins alarm for a shower really save my time and water, even though I sometimes click “snooze”, I still spend less time than before (because there’s a sense of urgency when you know a alarm is going to set off soon 😂).
  • Use reusable water bottle, utensil, straws: because… come on, it’s a common sense now¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Know the local recycling locations and policies: Only 13% of the global plastic are recycled. Knowing the local recycling policies help organizations to recycle things, it sometimes will save people money as well. I’m still working on this, it’s kind of hard to remember all the information.
  • Know the plastic: This should be a common sense, yet the majority are not using the right plastic, which sometimes can cause health issue. But, again, I’m still trying to familiarize with what types of plastic I’m using as there are a lot of memorization.
types of plastic, picture excerpted from: http://www.ethicalhuman.co/news/the-seven-types-of-plastic
  • Buy second hand clothes. My family found some quality products at https://2ndstreetusa.com/.
  • Bring reusable grocery bag (some looks very stylish). Those soft plastic bags for vegetable are difficult to recycle.
—-YS Ding. 4/16/19 —- YS Ding 3/24/20 update

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