YS Ding, Co-Founder of Earthhood & Main Author

My original blueprint of Earthhood was to collect creditable information about earth preservation. But I thought it would be a powerful proof of what each individual, as small as a high-school student, can do for earth protection during this urgent period. Thus I changed it to a blog form website, where every story in this Eco-friendly journey is recorded.

I hope our works will bring changes to the environment! (Special thanks to my family, friends and teachers, who generously offer great advice and supports to Earthhood XD)

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WenQian Li, Co-Founder of Earthhood & Main Author

First, thanks to YS Ding for putting up this website and inviting me to be part of this great group. I have been informed about the importance of environmental conservation since I was little, however, I have never discovered a way to put the concept of environmental conservation into actions. I hope this website serves not only as a guidance for me but for many more people who wish to put their effort into saving the earth as well!!!

Natalie Stuewe, Author

As a child I was always warned about the impact that humans have on the earth, to the point that I was afraid that every piece of trash was shorting the earth’s lifespan by years. It was pointless to help because the earth was past the point of no return. But thankfully due to me growing up I have learned that it is not like that, that I could still help. Not ‘save’ the earth, but instead make a difference in small ways, in ways that if everyone did it the earth would stand a chance. If everyone takes care of one piece of the puzzle then the load will be lighter on and better for everyone. This is why I joined Earthood.


ChuJia Guo, Author

Before I joined the EARTHHOOD, I thought environment conservation is a topic that I will never have a chance to contribute to as a high school student. Now, I’m glad that the EARTHHOOD offered me an opportunity to do something for every single one of us. I wish my earnest effort could bring changes to this earth we love.

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ShenYuan Li, Author


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YaeEun Shin

Although I’ve been aware of the importance of environmental preservation for most of my life, I was never given a chance to involve myself in any activity’s until YS Ding and WQ Li introduced me to EARTHHOOD. I’m glad that I have been given the opportunity in high school to participate with other students who care for the environment as I do.

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SiYi Tan, Publicity

Environmental protection, one of the hottest topics, always gets a great amount of attention; however, the general public is still not fully aware of the serious consequences that a polluted environment could potentially result in. EARTHOOD, a website created by YS Ding, provides a great platform for teenagers to participate in environmental protection activities. I am greatly honored to be a part of such meaningful organization . I firmly believe that, with our joint effort, EARTHOOD is able to promote more green activities and to make our Mother Earth a better home for everyone.