“Earth Protection is Scientists’ Job”

I hear these comments a lot – earth conservation is unrelated to high school students; it’s an ambitious goal for “common” people to do. At a certain degree, yes, politicians and scientists usually make those striking progress in Earth preservation such as “Clean Power Plan” or “New alternative clean fuel,” but eventually the majority makes these policies and products successful instead of that 5% of the population; the ultimate determination still lays in “common” people’s hands. Continue reading ““Earth Protection is Scientists’ Job””

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The Nobel Prizes of Chemistry of 2018 addresses three laureates, Frances H. Arnold with half of the prize share, George P. Smith with a quarter of the prize share and Sir Gregory P. Winter with another one fourth of the prize share. Frances H. Arnold was awarded for her discoveries ”for the directed evolution of enzymes”; George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter “for the phage display of peptides and antibodies”. The research done by Frances H. Arnold plays a serious role in environmental protection mainly with the study of enzymes.


The Letter From Chief Seattle

The Letter From Chief Seattle

I deeply remember that in my 4th grade Chinese textbook, we learned about Chief Seattle’s letter that was written to president Franklin Pierce. This letter was mind-blowing to me and still is. “Whatever befalls on earth befalls on the son of earth,” Chief Seattle’s vivid words inscribed in my head and influenced me considerably as it’s my initial inspiration of putting actions in earth protection since 4th grade. I hope his words can bring more people into environmental conservation. (Although Some people are skeptical to the authenticity (a few sources state it’s an undocumented speech), I think what matter are the words and ideas in this letter instead of whether Chief Seattle really said this or not).

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