Week 7: Podcast 2





Week 5: An Update on the Second EP of Our Podcast

Yes, the second episode is on the way and just to do a little bit preview on the topic: we are going to be talking about second-hand shopping.

It is obvious that it has not become the most trendy thing yet and every culture has a different view about them. So we are just going to be discussing about what we think of it, what we heard about it and our experiences.

We will also post a list of second hand stores/websites that you can try as we upload the the podcast. So, be excited!

An Update Regarding COVID-19

Without any doubt, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is the top immediate threat facing the world today. However, the origin of this strain of pandemic virus still remains largely unknown to us. Fortunately, thousands of scientists, meteorologists, and health departments have been collaborating across the world to comprehend the nature of this virus in order to eliminate it. With regard to the origins of COVID-19, Earthhood, as an organization that focuses on the ecosystem, has raised some questions regarding the connection between the environment and the virus after reading and watching many excerpts and interviews. We would like to share with you some answers we have gathered that may assist your understanding of COVID-19. 

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We Need Suggestions

We got some more updates in Testimony, Research and Collection sections, remember to check them out!

Also, I’d love to have some suggestions on the arrangement of the website. Every time members publish their hard work in those sections, they additionally need to write a new blog on homepage, which is the only page that allows “blogs” in order to remind subscribers about the updates. Would you suggest to keep it this way or publish everything on the homepage and categorize them under other section tabs?

There Might Be Shark In Your Sunscreen By Annie Roth

Please go check out the Research section, where we just updated more science about our environment! https://theearthhood.org/research/

*A hint of what it’s about


There Might Be Shark In Your Sunscreen

By Annie Roth

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 4.50.13 PM

Photograph by Brian J. Skerry, National Geographic Creative

Did you know that in order to produce some Sunscreen, millions of endangered sharks are being killed? Shark’s liver secrets a type of oil called squalene, which can also be found in plants. However, killing sharks is cheaper than extracting oil from plants. As a result, of 60 species that are hunted, 26 kinds may go extinct. Due to difficulty in monitoring species’ population in deep ocean, protection of endangered sharks and regulation of shark hunting by fishermen are hard to execute.

Link to the original article:


YS Ding, Posted on Sep.5 2018

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All Things Are Connected. Whatever Befalls the Earth Befalls The Sons of Earth. — Chief Seattle

Photograph by Zhilin Chen
West Lake, China. ©Photograph by Zhilin Chen.