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4 thoughts on “DISCUSSION

  1. Christmas Discussion:
    There can be many waste and non-eco-friendly actoins during Christmas, such as using plastic cutlery, but it is true that plastic saves way more time. What is your opinion on this, any solutions?

    P.S. Merry Christmas!!!

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    1. Christmas is truly a time of tremendous demand, e.g. Amazon-boxes, wrapping papers are at the peak of the need of the year. Unfortunately, according to some sources, only a small portion of wrapping papers are recyclable, in addition, “Some wrapping paper is very thin and contains few good quality fibers for recycling” (reference: https://www.recyclenow.com/what-to-do-with/wrapping-paper-1). But I think traditions in big holidays such as Christmas are hard to be changed.


  2. 新年快要到了,不知道大家在这过去的一年里有没有完成自己的目标,是否给了年初的自己一个完美的答案。不管答案怎么样,大家想必都要迎来一个放松,快乐的新年。当然,在愉快的过新年的同时,大家不妨也为我们周围的环境考虑一二。因为部分人的不注意,废气,污水,雾霾等环境问题在新年期间愈发严重。年关将至,我们理应注意自己的行为是否导致更严重的环境污染。不仅仅是民众,各种政府机关也应该积极呼吁环境治理。为了治理迫在眉睫的环境污染问题,四川省政府及相关领导人及时发布了相关法案。

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