01/19/2020 Peter Canyon Habitat Restoration Event

01/11/2020 Celebrating the New Year by Volunteering!

Keep It Wild – Nursery and Plant Care


3/3 Labdoo monthly workshop from 2pm – 4pm @PeopleSpace

Feb. 25, Monday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

  • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.   3842 Warner Ave.    Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  • Bolsa Chica Conservancy will organize an activity to remove all the invasive plants and debris, so that the native species can have a better environment.

Link to their sign up page: Habitat-Restoration-with- Bosla-Chica-Conservancy

I think their link on VolunteerMatch isn’t working… but this one I found it in eventbrite directly, so it should work.

______Feb. 23th, 2019

Guys… I finally, finally figured out how to use the freaking google calendar. Here you go👉

______Feb. 23th, 2019

Another option for service is coming up! ;D

So this volunteer focuses on repairing computers and send them to places where they barely have access to electronic devices.

Labdoo-OC October QA Workshop, Sunday, 10/7, 2pm-4pm

Location: PeopleSpace, 1691 Kettering St, Irvine, CA 92614, USA | (map)
Link to the organization’s web page:…

It’s also marked in our google calendar (Labdoo-Google-Calendar )

______Sep. 27th, 2018

Hey guys! Hope you had a productive September!

There are several updates on the service opportunities 😀

As usual, we will put them in our google calendar, so please check it out!


______ Sep. 23rd, 2018

Here’s the link to our activity-calendar


Orange Coastkeeper cleanup day is on Saturday, Sep. 15th!

Highly suggest to go check it out on their website, so that you could choose the place where is most convenient for you. Or you could contact us and go as a team 😀


______ Sep. 1st, 2018