Tips for using Air Conditioning in Summer!

The demand for air conditioning is rocketing with the climate being warmer and warmer. Currently, it makes up around 20% of the electricity usage in buildings. By 2050, space cooling will take up around 37% of global electricity demand, according to IEA.

Space Cooling will make up 37.0% of global electricity demand by 2050.
IEA, Share of global electricity demand growth to 2050, IEA, Paris

As the demand for electricity increases, the Greenhouse gases emission will also increase as we try to generate more electricity, which in turn makes the earth warmer. 

Although the data seems pretty daunting and the cycle seems endless, here are some basic tips that I think we can all achieve!

  • Raise the temperature by 1 degree than what you usually set it to.
    • Trust me, it won’t feel very different. But this will save not only energy, also the bill for electricity. 
  • Raise the temperature at night.
    • The body is not consciously sensing the heat at night. 
  • Keep less part of the house in sun exposure. 
  • Mind other sources of heat in the house.
    • Lights and other appliances also produce heat, do not leave them on if you are not using them.
  • (If possible) Install single unit air conditioners rather than central AC. 

If you want to read more in depth, check out the following articles for more thorough advice!

Wenqian L.

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